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    Voice Over Cafe episode 1.

    The Voice Over Cafe brings you the latest news from the voiceover industry! Full-time voice talentsTerry Daniel and Trish Basanyi host this fun and informative show, bringing on a guest and features for every episode. Join us for “The Legal Minute” with VO artist and lawyer Rob Sciglimpaglia, The Voice Over Cafe Mailbag, and who knows what else! Average running time, 30 minutes.”

    A few years back, Trish Basanyi and I recorded twenty episodes of “Voice Overs on Demand”, a podcast that quickly earned a steady following of voice over pros and students. We interviewed guests like Joe Cipriano, Randy Thomas and Rodney Saulsberry, just to name a few. We were very candid the way we went out about our business on this show. We kept it educational but didn’t take ourselves too seriously because we wanted it to be a fun show.

    This year, we are launching a brand new podcast that will begin where “VOD” left off. It’s called, “The Voice Over Cafe.” We decided on this title because we were looking for that laid back coffee shop vibe.  Like coming to a coffee shop, relaxing and engaging in some good conversation.

    The new show will feature some entertaining segments. Rob Sciglimpaglia, an attorney, film/tv/theater and voice actor based in the NYC area will be a regular on the program. He will be doing “The Legal Minute”, a segment in which Rob will offer up some tips for voice talents and their business. For example, contracts, incorporating your business and more! Rob’s latest role was playing a young father on the famous Chevy Super Bowl commercial, Happy Grad! His new book, Voice Over Legal, will be released soon. For more information,

    “The Cafe Mailbag” is a feature we’re bringing over from the old podcast. The segment will feature both of us taking questions from listeners about the voiceover industry. I suppose if someone wants to know our favorite 80′s bands, we’ll be glad to cover that as well!

    “The Random Skype Call” will be an entertaining feature. This is a segment where we’ll find another voice talent who is currently logged in on skype and just call them with no prior warning and ask them a few questions. Perhaps they can provide some insight into the industry as well. Beware all you voice talents who are linked up with us on Skype!