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    An obvious benefit of SEO is the ability to generate more organic traffic. But while the focus is on building traffic from one or a few sites, you need to still focus on ranking high on the SERPs for the search terms you select to bring in visitors. Again, the difficulty you face as a blogger, journalist or speaker doesn’t change, whether your title is hard to remember, your site is lacking the backlink anchors necessary to generate quality links and you’re struggling to gain visibility. SEO is the same for any area of publishing if you’re not the right name or user experience, chances are you won’t receive any attention. But if you make it easy for visitors to get into your niche, they will show up and tell their friends, read this informative post to learn all about it!

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    When you start monetizing your website, you also need to realize that money is not the main goal. Making money for yourself is great you get a sense of achievement by selling stuff online, and having a “growth” blog with a great blogroll is probably the icing on the cake for a website owner. But in most cases, selling items or services online is just a sideshow, and your site is primarily about bringing in organic traffic.

    The reason behind that is because a site with no traffic or no income is nothing more than a house of cards that will collapse, if it isn’t heavily maintained. There are lots of ways to generate revenue on your blog without trying to earn money on advertising or soliciting money from paid products and services. You can host a podcast, make webinars or create your own ebook; you don’t even need to sell your own products. You don’t need a huge traffic to make money online; you just need a high quality blog and some people to enjoy your content.

    Positive Backlinks

    Making money and growing a blog can be easy, but what about links? As long as you want to build a successful blog, it’s in your best interest to get quality links. What’s better than finding, linking to and incorporating great content into your site, which will give you a noticeable increase in traffic? Sure, all this can be done with various methods, including outreach and sponsored links but it’s not always the easiest way to generate traffic and build an authoritative site.

    When you’re ready to engage in link building, you need to make sure you’re using some serious strategies. While it’s possible to build a number of links from different sources on your own, that’s a bit too much work and most of us would rather spend our time earning traffic with more organized tools. On the other hand, following tools can be a godsend if you need to craft impressive backlinks.

    First up is RankSquared. This is a tool that allows you to calculate your link profile. It enables you to link to any website from almost anywhere, in most cases and perform an analysis to determine if that link is very relevant or not.

    Next up, Ahrefs. This tool enables you to focus on a few keywords and track the organic search volume for those keywords. The tool offers a number of ways to track the value of your links, or to determine if they’re relevant or not. For example, if you’ve recently started your website, it will offer information on the most frequently visited websites and platforms.