Peter Bishop… or more often just “Bish”, is a native Londoner… born and bred under the flightpaths around Heathrow (or close to Windsor if he’s trying to impress someone). He came to the colonies in the late nineties while still playing the part of a corporate warrior for a large multi-national company. Deciding that he liked the US, but not the corporate life, he ran screaming from the world of IT once the company had paid-off the lawyers and he had a Green Card (which isn’t green, by the way) clutched in his sweaty little hand. Resident on Long Island, he often pines for culture and is grateful for being just a short ride away from Manhattan.


Being a frustrated performance artist and useless musician, as a youngster (waaaay back in the last century), he found himself engineering and producing local bands and creating his own type of, er… experimental music: tape loops, electronic doo-dads and home-made synths. After the corporate escape, performance beckoned again! Leaning on the experience gained from years of developing, writing and presenting training material, making corporate presentations and dancing in front of hostile crowds, Bish found himself looking at the world of VO. A few tentative steps and he realized that this VO lark was just getting paid to talk and seized the opportunity with both hands. OK… this is his fantasy… he can be delusional sometimes.


Hawking himself around as “An Englishman in New York”, he’s managed to get himself known as a go-to guy if anyone wants a Brit in a US time-zone (or can’t afford Philip Banks). Ironically, he often finds himself on an ISDN session back to the UK. Take all this, and couple it with the fact that he’s also a coffee-geek, roasting and blending his own espresso, he’s a natural for the role of a Barista… it’s also a useful backup career if the whole VO thing goes south.


Bish can be reached directly at his website.

  • Tom Test

    Nice to learn more about your life story Peter. From the sly humor, I get the impression that you wrote your own bio here – am I right? If not, let me know who this wonderful writer is.

    • Thanks for the kind comments Tom. However, Bish would never be so pretentious as to write about himself in the third-person. I think… I mean… he thinks that would be a little grandiose.