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    Lots of topics on this one! And The VOC celebrates 50k downloads.

    -The Voice Over Cafe Annual VO Holiday Mixer! Dec 3 in NYC. Details here!

    -Gifts to clients, do YOU do it? Matt Cowlrick and Sean Caldwell share interesting ideas.

    -The Cafe talks politics! Just kidding.

    -Blog plagiarism

    -How to listen to podcasts on your mobile

    -Terry learns the hard way as to why it’s important to make sure your current audio equipment is compatible with a software upgrade, BEFORE you upgrade.

    -Tech Talk (Mostly Sean and Bish, but they get REALLY detailed for all of you audiophiles out there)

    -Our favorite movie narrator performances

    -Matt channels Morgan Freeman

    -The latest ISDN service news, ipDTL, Source Connect and new hardware and connection options

    -Email scams directed at voice talent; what to look for

    -A major casting site doubles their escrow rate, what that means for you

    Running time: 50 minutes

  • Paul Seidel

    We used to send hampers to our clients, then wine one year – now we just do Christmas cards – inoffensive, reminds them when we return from holidays, and is colourful 🙂